Mount Morrison (7,881′) | Colorado | 12/19/20

Mount Morrison (7,881′) | Matthews/Winters Park

Morrison, CO | 12/19/20 | 4.02 miles | 2,022′ gain


Mount Morrison’s south ridge is a popular exercise spot for locals. With an ascent of 2,000′ in just 2 miles, it’s a quick but steep route often repeated multiple times in a row. The trail starts near Gate 4 at Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre. When Diana and I arrived at 8am, the few parking spots at the gate were already taken so we parked along the road. We walked through Gate 4 into Red Rocks, following the entrance road for about 0.1 mile. Here, the trail cuts off the road to the left through another gate.

Red Rocks

Once through the second gate, the trail ascends the steep slopes of PT 6636, following a powerline. The trail is generally a mix of loose dirt and scree but this was covered by a layer a snow. Still slippery, but microspikes helped.


Once on top of PT 6636, the grade eased slightly before ascending to the south ridge.

The powerlines had fallen to the ground here, you can see them left of Diana
Looking back at PT 6636

Once on the ridge, we had great views of our route and the surrounding mountains. We followed the ridge all the way to the summit.

Some nice views of Bear Creek Canyon
Mount Morrison is visible now
Getting closer, but not looking forward to the last push…

The final 450′ was brutally steep. We slowly worked our way up and finally popped out on top.

Looking back along the south ridge
This is one spot where scrambling is required. Ice made it a little harder than it would be if it were dry.
Summit views

There were a handful of people hanging out on the summit, so we found a quieter spot for our snack.

Looking back to the summit, clouds coming in
Checking out an old concrete pad. Yep, this’ll work for our snack break!

Clouds had rolled in and it felt pretty cold so we didn’t stay long.

View to Denver
Mount Evans (14,264′) is lit up
And suddenly they were all lit up

After our break, we made our way back down the steep trail. There were dozens of people coming up now and I was glad to have gotten an early start. Even though this is a short hike, it certainly felt difficult and we were happy to make the climb just once.


7 thoughts on “Mount Morrison (7,881′) | Colorado | 12/19/20

  1. The light dusting of snow on the mountains looks beautiful. Not sure I would have felt confident enough to attempt that rock scramble when its icy. Going down is always the worst. Glad to hear you made it to the summit and back down again.


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