Prairie Ridge Natural Area | Colorado | 12/25/20

Prairie Ridge Natural Area | Loveland Natural Areas

Loveland, CO | 12/25/20 | 7.03 miles | 309′


Prairie Ridge is the newest of the City of Loveland’s Natural Areas. It just opened in May 2020 and connects to the neighboring Coyote Ridge Natural Area. (Like Coyote Ridge, dogs aren’t allowed at Prairie Ridge so our hiking buddies had to stay home.) Prairie Ridge’s trails are flat and this felt more like a long walk than a hike, but regardless it was a nice way to spend Christmas afternoon with Kyle.

Prairie Ridge Trail

The Prairie Ridge Trail leaves the parking lot and travels about a mile through active agricultural land toward the hogback. It intersects with the Ridge to Ridge Trail and turns left, continuing another 0.5 mile before ending at some old corrals.

Last season’s sunflowers
Agricultural land
Approaching the hogback
Corrals at the south end of the Prairie Ridge Trail
Our little friend, a prairie dog

Next, we followed the Ridge to Ridge Trail 1.8 miles north along the hogback and into Coyote Ridge Natural Area, where we eventually connected with the Coyote Ridge Trail. There is a pit toilet and a shelter with benches at the junction.

Ridge to Ridge Trail

We saw a couple herds of mule deer that were close enough for me to get decent photographs.

Mule deer
More mule deer
Zoom of a mule deer buck

After a quick break, we retraced our steps back along the Ridge to Ridge Trail, past the mule deer, and back east along the Prairie Ridge Trail to the parking lot. This was a nice, easy hike and we enjoyed seeing all of the wildlife.


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