2021 Wish List


Welcome to 2021!

Are things magically better yet? Probably not, but I think we are all looking forward to things getting back to “normal”. 2020 was an interesting year full of highs and lows. We had a ton of plans that didn’t materialize; some due to our new friend COVID-19, some due to other unexpected reasons. Unfortunately my husband Kyle was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, which is now mostly controlled but can flare up randomly. Those flare ups put a damper on many of our pandemic plans, but regardless we were still able to go on some fun adventures and I met (and even exceeded) a number of my goals. Here’s to 2020 being over and the start of a new year!


2020 Recap

My goals for 2020 were ambitious to say the least. And while it’s disappointing to have had so many cancelled plans, I was still able to accomplish a lot. Here’s a little taste of my 2020.

  • Completed (Fully or Partially):
    • 300 days outside
      • This was my main focus though I didn’t talk about it on my blog at all. I made it a goal to do an outdoor activity at least 300 days this year and I posted one picture each day to my Instagram @colorado_chelsea. I reached 300 days on 12/30/20 with just one day to spare. My most frequent outdoor activities included walking our dogs and hiking.
    • 500 miles walked, 100,000′ elevation gain
      • Including both walks and hikes, I reached a total of 897 miles and 126,966′. This is certainly the most I’ve ever walked in one year and I’m extremely happy with this total!
    • Reach state high point #5
      • I made it to 3 new state high points this year, reaching #4 total: Kansas, Oklahoma, and Colorado.
    • Go to 3 new national parks
      • Kyle and I made it to 2 new national parks this year: Saguaro and Joshua Tree. We visited these in February, just before COVID really hit the US.
    • Reach 14er #15
      • I climbed 1 new 14er this year, reaching #11 total.
    • Reach 13er #50
      • I needed to climb 21 new 13ers to complete this goal and I climbed 25.
    • Finish all 8 of my redemption hikes
      • I was able to finish 7/8 of my redemption hikes. Goat Mountain, I’m coming for you!
    • Climb a peak in the remaining Colorado ranges: Elk, Gore, San Juan
      • I visited a new range this year (San Juan) and climbed 3 13ers while I was there! Now I just have 2 ranges left.
  • Didn’t get around to:
    • Complete Segment 8 of the Colorado Trail
    • First Class 3 route (13er or 14er)
    • Hike to a hot springs

2021 Wish List

It might make sense to have easier goals for 2021 but I like to dream big and plan a lot. I can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store!

  • (4) Colorado 14ers
  • (3) state high points
  • (2) national parks
  • (1) segment of the Colorado Trail
  • (35) Colorado 13ers
  • Hike to a hot springs
  • Climb the ever elusive Goat Mountain

Thanks for sticking it out with me for another year!


28 thoughts on “2021 Wish List

  1. Autumn Yates

    I love the “300 Days Outside” goal you set for yourself last year. I spend a lot of time outside, but I never really thought to keep track of it in any way. Thanks for the inspiration!


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