Vindicator Valley Loop | Colorado | 07/24/19

Cripple Creek Gold Mine Overlook

Cripple Creek, CO | 07/24/19

After a fun morning hike to Devil’s Head Lookout, we made our way down to our next hike, Vindicator Valley. On the way, we stopped at a mine overlook. I was surprised to see that the overlook platform was constructed from an old haul truck bed! We had fun climbing up and taking a peek into the active gold mine.

Vindicator Valley Loop | Pike National Forest

Cripple Creek, CO | 07/24/19 | 2.67 miles | 439′ gain

Just around the corner was the trailhead for Vindicator Valley. This is a hike Nicholas had found and I admit I hadn’t looked into it at all, but I definitely wasn’t expecting it to be as cool as it was! Vindicator Valley is a conglomeration of old mine ruins, in what used to be a bustling valley full of gold mines. It almost doesn’t seem possible that all of these mines could have existed in such close proximity, but here they are. The short loop winds around the valley, and interpretive signs give insight into the history of the area. Some signs talked about specific mines, but there were so many ruins nearby that it was impossible to know which was which!

The Theresa Mine
Inside a mine building of the Theresa Mine
Across the highway is the town of Goldfield, a semi-ghost town.
A powder magazine, used for storing gunpowder
The Bebee house. Alfred Bebee was the superintendent of numerous mines in Vindicator Valley.
Inside the Bebee House
The Grace Greenwood Mine, one of the mine ruins brought in from nearby.
We met a few deer friends along the way, living in the ruins


12 thoughts on “Vindicator Valley Loop | Colorado | 07/24/19

  1. ahuva18

    Not only does this hike look WAY COOL, but it even looks like something *I* could do! I guess not all hikes go up up up. 🙂 Your pictures show sunshine and light, but was it creepy as well? I remember biking out to the old mining area in Scotia, PA with my then boyfriend (now husband). It was broad daylight but it was so spooky creepy – I told him it felt like a grade B horror movie and the audience was watching us right now yelling “leave! leave!” *grin* we left. 🙂


    1. The only parts I found creepy were going into the old houses, but I think that’s mostly because the floor seemed pretty unstable and even had a few holes already punched through! Walking along the trail through the ruins was super neat and not at all creepy! It was fun trying to picture what it must have been like during busier days!


    2. And almost anyone could do this hike! (The first section is even ADA accessible so literally anyone could do that portion!) There are a few sections that are a bit steep but those are relatively short, and a few sections are a bit overgrown with grasses but the trail is always pretty obvious as it’s an old road.


      1. ahuva18

        a little bit of steep is fine (I climbed to Devil’s Bridge in Sedona this summer) but non-ending steep & narrow is too much for me. I don’t know when/if I’ll get to Colorado, but I’ll add this to my list of what to do. Thanks!! I love reading about your hikes and enjoying your photos. 🙂


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