Mount Sheridan (13,748′) | Colorado | 05/17/20

Mount Sheridan (13,748′) | CO Rank: 126/637

Mosquito Range | Pike National Forest | Fairplay, CO

05/17/20 | 7.10 miles | 2,515′ gain | Class 2


Boy am I behind on blogging! Life has been so busy lately and I haven’t had a chance to keep up with sharing my stories. We started fostering with a new rescue and had four sweet puppy visitors for a few weeks. And we’ve been on a few overnight trips and countless other adventures that I’m so excited to finally share with you!

All May, my friend Allie and I were dying to find 13ers that were melted out enough for us to hike without snow gear. We had a dry spring so the high country melted out relatively early, and we started seeing other people’s reports of snow-free routes.

The east slopes of Mount Sheridan was one of the first dry routes we found. Fourmile Creek Road wasn’t open all the way to the trailhead yet, so a little extra road walking was in our future, but it would still be a relatively easy hike.

The east slopes of Mount Sheridan are just ahead, a snow-free path just for us!

We parked just past the Leavick mill. There was a snowdrift blocking the road that we weren’t sure we could drive through, so we parked without investigating it too much, already resigned to walking the road. The road was very gradual and was a perfect warm-up, though as we walked we realized we could have driven a bit more (oops!).

Dauntless Mine area

We soon passed the summer trailhead and the Dauntless Mine, where we cut off the road and began our ascent of Mount Sheridan. A few people were attempting nearby 14er Mount Sherman and hadn’t brought a map. We gave the best directions we could, and it seems they found another group to tag along with later, so hopefully they were able to summit! (Please, for the love of God, always hike prepared!)

One of many…many breaks.

Above the Dauntless Mine, the terrain transitioned from gradual road to steep tundra. We picked our way around the few remaining patches of snow, very rarely encountering an unavoidable section. After the first slope, we came upon a flat area and made very good time getting to the base of the final slope.

Getting closer!
Mount Sherman (14,036′)
Sheep Mountain (left; 12,818′) & Lamb Mountain (center; 12,438′) beyond
Someone wasn’t thrilled about the wind making her ears stand up…

Only 550′ of steep & semi-loose talus remained between us and the summit, and we made surprisingly quick time. The wind was starting to pick up and it was COLD. We were able to find trail segments that switchbacked up the talus, saving us some effort.

Mount Sherman
Peerless Mountain (center; 13,348′) & Horseshoe Mountain (right; 13,898′)
We’re here!
A couple mountain beasties (me & Lady)
Iowa Amphitheater
Summit shelter views
Horseshoe Mountain

We stayed on the cold & windy summit just long enough to get a few pictures and then began our descent. Once we were out of the wind, we took our lunch break and then spent some time exploring various mine ruins & relics.

Mine ruins
Pikes Peak (14,115′) is wayyy out there! The mountains in front are Sheep & Lamb again
“Blower No. 5”
Mount Sherman
If you’ve met Lady, you know she’s crazy. If you’ve ever seen Lady lay down on a trail, you know she’s tired.

We slowly meandered back to the road and followed it down to the car.

First alpine wildflower of 2020!
Ptarmigan! Still in her/his winter garb.


27 thoughts on “Mount Sheridan (13,748′) | Colorado | 05/17/20

  1. Good for you for doing this while snow still covered part of the mountain, Chelsea. I hope you waved at Pikes Peak (not that I would have seen you, since I was on the flat plains behind it). And I love the fact that you saw ptarmigan just starting to change out of its winter attire.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. JJ

    Ok, so it’s not only me that gets asked questions about a trail…! I’m always amazed at how many people don’t hike prepared! Beautiful pictures, I just love when there’s still little pockets of snow on the peaks. 🙂


  3. Mountains always look great with a touch of the white stuff.
    Compared to over here those are high peaks (our mountains are tiddlers in comparison). Given you manage them during a day walk, at what altitude did you start your walk?

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      1. That’s a good climb. Height gain is similar to climbing one of our larger mountains over here as we usually start near to sea level.
        You’ve described some really interesting walks in your posts. Natural beauty and industrial history in your mountains.


  4. corm1ck

    Lady and I look the same after hiking in the Mosquito range. Summiting some of those 13ers is on my list too, but not looking forward to driving down that dirt road again anytime soon.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I just might!! you care if I add a link to your blog under resources on more Colorado Hikes? I would just add on there if someone is looking for more comprehensive hikes written by someone who lives in Colorado that they should check out your posts! I think your blogs really show Colorado hiking at its best. I would add it on my Colorado hiking pages.


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