Geneva Lake | Colorado | 06/20/20

Geneva Lake | Pike National Forest

Grant, CO | 06/20/20 | 1.56 miles | 72′ gain

We had some friends visiting for the weekend and we decided to take them to one of our favorite 4-wheeling spots in the mountains. My brother-in-law Klay brought his Tacoma as my Crosstrek just wouldn’t do the trick this time.

FS 119 is a dirt road off Guanella Pass that leads to Geneva City, a ghost town and mining area from the early 1900s. Along the road is a ton of dispersed camping and hiking. This is a very popular area in the summer. Although the road is 4wd, it starts out as easy dirt and most cars can reach at least some of the campsites.

Since it was still early in the year there weren’t too many people around. We took our time driving up the road, stopping at various overlooks and ponds. A lingering snowfield blocked the last 1/2 mile so we parked and walked the rest of the way.

A pond along FS 119
We couldn’t drive across this!

It was a short road-walk to reach the first cabins. Most of Geneva City’s structures are lost to time but there is plenty remaining to explore. We didn’t go too far as our friends weren’t acclimated and we were almost at 12,000′.

Geneva Basin – can you imagine an early 1900s mining complex here?
One of the remaining cabins
Can you spot the cabin & tailings pile?

My map showed a small lake called Geneva Lake just off the main road. We followed overgrown side roads all the way to the lake. It was definitely small but well worth the extra 1/4 mile walk to get there.

Nicolette at Geneva Lake

The Geneva Creek area remains one of our favorites – now I’m daydreaming of going back in 2021 to see what else we can find.


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