Mount Sunflower (4,039′) | Kansas’ State High Point | 05/23/20

Mount Sunflower (4,039′) | Kansas’ State High Point

Weskan, KS | 05/23/20 | 0.55 miles | 16′ gain

On Memorial Day weekend, Kyle and I took a short trip to visit a couple of nearby state high points. Our first stop was Mount Sunflower, the high point of Kansas. This is just across the Colorado border on the prairie (currently used as cattle pasture). It’s private property, but the landowner kindly maintains the monument for the public. Although walking isn’t necessary to visit this high point, we needed to stretch our legs after a few hours in the car. We followed a cattle path to a nearby water tank. This didn’t take long at all, but we appreciated the fresh air and exercise. 

Scarlet Globemallow (Cowboy’s Delight)
Black-foot Daisy
Pronghorn Antelope

After our walk, it was time to head to Oklahoma for our next adventure. We stopped for dinner and realized we had a screw in our tire. Thankfully we were able to buy a patch and Kyle was able to fix it quickly, but traveling for hours on back dirt roads for the rest of the trip was a constant worry in my mind. Would the patch hold? (Thankfully, it did!) We reached the Black Mesa Trailhead just before sunset. I took a few pictures before setting up our bed in the car. It would be an early morning for us!

Tree cholla


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