Mesa Trail | Colorado | 04/04/20

Mesa Trail | Boulder Open Space & Mountain Parks

Boulder, CO | 04/04/20| 7.16 miles | 1,409′ gain


My friend Allie and I took one last hike together before she left to spend lockdown at her parents’ house. She had come up with an idea to hike the entire length of the Mesa Trail in Boulder. This would be a serious undertaking as an out and back (14 miles!), so we parked a car at each end and walked from south to north. Seven miles is a much more manageable hike!

Frosty morning Flatirons from the northern trailhead.

The Mesa Trail hugs the base of the Flatirons, and although it gained over 1,400′ elevation, it always felt gradual. From the southern trailhead, the Mesa Trail starts out wide and smooth. It winds its way through shortgrass prairie and into the forest, where the trail narrows and becomes more rugged. The previous night’s snow and ice remained on the surrounding trees and Flatirons.

The Mesa Trail near the southern trailhead
The Mesa Trail narrows as it enters the forest.

Although we walked just over 7 miles, it went by very quickly and it felt like much less. I was disappointed to find that I hadn’t taken very many pictures along the way. I suppose everything looked similar enough that I didn’t think to snap a new photo.

Ice on evergreen needles

I don’t typically do point-to-point hikes since arranging a shuttle isn’t always easy, but this was a really fun and easy option.

Otis and Harper


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