Colorado Chelsea – 100th Blog Post

For my 100th blog post, I wanted to do something a little bit different to celebrate! I got this idea from my friends over at Raven About the Parks and decided to put my little spin on it. I hope you enjoy!

Some of you have been following me since the beginning and I just want to THANK YOU for sticking around and helping me grow. And to all of my newer followers, thank you for finding me and liking me enough to stay!

I want to share with you my top ten posts of all time. Maybe you missed them or maybe you’re just tuning in, but these are the posts that have gotten the most likes so maybe they’re some of my best! Which one is your favorite?

  1. Bear Peak (8,459′) and South Boulder Peak (8,549′)
    • dsc_0809
  2. 2020 Wish List
    • 42761244_2383217058362332_1427930163240239104_o
  3. RMNP: Balanced Rock
    • dsc_0857
  4. Gray Wolf Mountain (13,602′)
    • dsc_0193
  5. Joshua Tree National Park: Day One
    • dsc_0963
  6. Eldorado Canyon Trail
    • dsc_0839
  7. Amboy Crater
    • dsc_0998-1
  8. Mayflower Gulch Trail & Ghost Town Hunting
    • dsc_0636
  9. RMNP: Alpine Mini-Hikes
    • dsc_0044
  10. Eagle’s Nest Open Space
    • 20200105_110124

I also want to give a shout out to some of my favorite outdoorsy blogs. These pages post consistently and put out great content that I can’t wait to read! If you’re looking for awesome new blogs to follow (like I always am!) check out these pages, and then drop a link in the comments of your favorite so I can find something new to follow! (This list is in no particular order.)

  1. BOOTS on the TRAIL
  2. Diary of a Gen-X Traveler
  3. Hike Mt. Shasta
  4. tanja britton
  5. Handstands Around the World
  6. BIT|Hiker
  7. Wild Wanderer
  8. Wandering Canadians
  9. Annie Hikes 500 Miles
  10. Stubbs Rambles On

Thank you so much for reading!


32 thoughts on “Colorado Chelsea – 100th Blog Post

  1. 100 blog posts is no easy feat, but then again neither is hiking many of the trails that you’ve completed. I’ve enjoyed following along on your hiking adventures and am so inspired to visit Colorado! (And thanks for the shout out).


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