Gregory Canyon Loop | Colorado | 02/02/20

Gregory Canyon Loop | Chautauqua Park | Boulder OSMP

Boulder, CO | 02/02/20| 5.15 miles | 1,558′ gain

After a couple unsuccessful summit attempts (see my previous two posts), I needed a hike that I knew I could finish. We were going through a heat wave on the Front Range so I knew the trails in Boulder would be mostly snow-free. I met up with my friend Tori to do a moderate loop in Chautauqua Park, one of the most popular Boulder hiking destinations. We got there just early enough to get a decent parking spot.

I didn’t feel like paying for parking so we parked about 1/2 mile away from the Gregory Canyon Trailhead along Baseline road. This area is free to park in the winter and the Baseline connector trail easily led us to the trailhead.

We regrouped at the Gregory Canyon Trailhead and decided to head counter-clockwise around the loop. (This provides a more gradual uphill, but the downhill sections are extremely steep.) We were on the Gregory Canyon Trail, which steadily made its way up and up…and then some more up. We threw our microspikes on for the handful of icy sections, but much of the trail was completely dry.

A rocky section of the Gregory Canyon Trail. The trail is hard to spot, but it’s there amongst the boulders!

The views looking out of the canyon were great as we climbed, and we found a nice overlook for a snack break. I mentioned earlier that this was the more gradual way to do the loop…but it’s still really steep. Also I’ve gotten out of shape.

Model dog Otis, always a good boy for snacks.

After 1.1 miles up Gregory Canyon, we took a left on the much flatter Ranger Trail, then another left on the E.M. Greenman Trail. It was here that we reached the high point of the trail, and after that everything was downhill!

Green Mountain Lodge. This can be reserved for special events.
View from the high point!

We’d had our spikes off for a while but definitely needed them for the descent. The steep, icy sections would be treacherous without spikes, and yet a number of people didn’t have them at all!

An interesting snow staircase along the trail. Yes, we had to climb down this, that’s why spikes were so important!

We took another left onto the Saddle Rock Trail which would take us all the way back to the trailhead. Apparently Saddle Rock isn’t even visible from the trail, and the rock I called Saddle Rock all day is actually the 1st Flatiron.

1st Flatiron

Other than the above view, the Saddle Rock Trail is mostly in the forest, and we constantly had to watch our footing since most of the trail was steep and icy. Once of the more interesting aspects of this trail is the ladder. It’s not scary or anything, but it’s pretty weird to climb in spikes! They do have a slope that dogs can use next to the ladder, but it may be pretty steep for some dogs. (Otis did fine!)

Don’t mind the random dog…he kept running up to Otis trying to play lol

Overall I really enjoyed this hike, and it was even hard enough that I was sore after! The range of views and differing terrain all made this hike one I would definitely do again some day!


7 thoughts on “Gregory Canyon Loop | Colorado | 02/02/20

  1. I enjoy this hike a bunch. We did it a few weeks ago – I wear spikes, Sean insists on not using them. He fell and landed on a cactus – which sounds weird, but it was protruding from the ice!!


  2. Love Chautauqua! I have a post on my experience there. I can’t wait to go back and hike the other trails. Colorado is probably my favorite place to hike, although the initial adjustment to the higher elevation is always hard. Lol. I love your posts and have added some of the places in your posts to my list!


    1. No, we didn’t get quite that high! The high point was just along the trail. There was a small overlook but it wasn’t a summit. When I did Green a few years ago, we “cheated” and did the easy route up the west side haha.


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