Anne U. White Trail | Colorado | 01/11/20

Anne U. White Trail | Boulder County Open Space

Boulder, CO | 01/11/20| 3.59 miles | 555′ gain

It’d been way too long since I’d hiked with Allie so we picked a quick and easy hike just so we could get together. The Anne U. White Trail follows Fourmile Canyon Creek for 1.7 miles before dead-ending at private property.

Fourmile Canyon Creek

The trail zigzags across the creek so many times I lost count, but the creek crossings were easy on big boulders. A lot of work has been done to this trail and trailhead in the past few years. The area was wiped out by the 2013 floods and was just opened last fall – 6 years later!

Allie’s dog Harper
One of many creek crossings

This was a fun short hike through a winter wonderland.


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