4-Wheeling Leavenworth Creek Road | Colorado | 07/28/19

Leavenworth Creek Road | Arapaho National Forest

Georgetown, CO | 07/28/19

After our overnight trip to the San Luis Valley, I was looking forward to a few easier days to allow myself to rest up and get ready for a 2-night trip to Ouray. Now that it was the weekend, Kyle had off work and could come with us! We borrowed a friend’s 4-seater RZR and headed up to the mountains for a 4-wheeling adventure.

Plan A was to head up Geneva Creek Road to Geneva City, a beautiful old mining town that Kyle and I had visited last year with his parents. However, when we got there, we learned that the road was closed due to avalanche damage. So we had to come up with a Plan B. Leavenworth Creek Road is another 4-wheeling road we were familiar with, but from where we were, we’d have to haul the trailer all the way up Guanella Pass, through the maze of Mount Bierstadt traffic, and back down the other side. It was about as fun as it sounds, but we were able to find trailer parking (by now it was late morning) and so we set out!

Leavenworth Creek Road is pretty easy as far as 4-wheeling goes, and we had a beautiful drive gawking at the basin, the mountains, and the numerous wildflowers. We didn’t have a particular destination in mind, but we drove around the numerous mining roads for a few hours and took a lot of pictures. It really is a beautiful area!

Heading up Leavenworth Creek Road
Farther up the basin
Getting closer!
Someone skied this while we were there!
Sweet Toby in front of Mount Evans and Mount Bierstadt (both 14ers)
Kyle found a bullet
Santiago Mine (photo by Nicholas)
Marmot (photo by Nicholas)


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