Fort Vasquez Museum | Colorado | 07/25/19

Fort Vasquez Museum | Platteville, CO | 07/25/19

After a morning at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge, we needed an afternoon activity. The Fort Vasquez Museum was on the way home so we decided to stop and check it out!

Fort Vasquez is an old trading post built in 1837. The existing walls are a reproduction of what the original walls looked like, or at least what they’re believed to have looked like! There is a map that shows what sections were used for what, based on archaeological findings. For example, they found evidence of a blacksmith in one corner, so they believed the blacksmith shop was located there.

Inside the fort!

There isn’t a ton to see, but we did spend some time perusing the artifacts in the indoor section of the museum and the small gift shop.

Corner lookout


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