Meyer Ranch Loop | Colorado | 02/09/19

Meyer Ranch Loop | Meyer Ranch Park

Aspen Park, CO | 02/09/19 | 4.68 miles | 902′ gain

Meyer Ranch Park, a Jefferson County Open Space, was originally homesteaded by the McIntyre family sometime before 1870. Since then, the ranch has had a few owners, most recently the Meyer family who still live across the road. The property was used for hay, timber, and cattle, but legend has it that the Barnum Circus used the area as wintering grounds for their animals. In the early 1940’s, a portion of the ranch was used as a ski hill. Now the area is used by the public for a multitude of outdoor activities.

The parking lot is easily accessed from Hwy 285. At the end of our hike, many kids were sledding down the hill to the right of this photo.
The trail wound it’s way up the side of Legault Mountain through groves of aspen.
The trail was packed down nicely and we didn’t need spikes or snowshoes.
Trail signs marked each intersection.

We enjoyed the beautiful weather and the opportunity to explore a new park. Jefferson County Open Spaces are some of the most well kept parks I’ve been to. Meyer Ranch Park had great signage and a number of benches and picnic areas to accommodate people of all levels.

I spent much of the hike playing with my new camera and lenses (Christmas presents from Kyle and his parents) and practiced photographing trees and plants. I have been trying to be more mindful and present while hiking, enjoying everything around me. This includes stopping to look at things that one would normally pass up. Bark, pine cones, rocks, and even a tiny green plant, a surprising winter find.

Much of the trail went through Lodgepole and Ponderosa Pine forest.
A quick view of the Mount Evans group before heading back into the trees.
Legault Mountain

Another hiker gave us a tip to climb Legault Mountain. While the mountain itself was on the park’s map, there didn’t appear to be a trail to the top. However, this is not the case as we saw a well packed (though unmarked) side trail diverge from the main trail, heading directly for this mountain. I did some quick research when we got home and found out that it’s only a 7 mile hike to the top, so I added Legault to my list for another time.

Berrian Mountain peeking through the trees.
Gorgeous green breaks up the monotony of winter.


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